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Pricing & Products

We like to be totally clear and upfront with everything we do, and that includes our prices. We are proud of our competitive offering, and know that we only ever provide our customers with the greatest value for money possible. Not only this, but our easy, breezy pricing structure means, you only ever pay for what you need, meaning no wasted money ever!

Easy, Right?

Of course, buying Vooware modules is as easy as 1,2,3!

Step 1

Find the modules that provide what your business needs, and add them to your cart

Step 2

Process the purchase and fill out the small form to set up your profile

Step 3

Use your new login details and start using your Vooware software!

Pricing for Modules

The prices are listed for each module based on a per user, per month basis. Any subscription or additional user purchase can be cancelled at any time and your account will be credited. We are so confident in our products, that we give you complete freedom to come and go as you please,with no early cancellation fees, ever!

  • voo:bills
  • £6
  • voo:web*
  • £25
  • voo:docs
  • £10
  • voo:shop*
  • £25
  • voo:tracker
  • £8
  • voo:contracts
  • £5
  • voo:money
  • £12
  • voo:staff
  • £6
  • voo:project
  • £10
  • voo:people
  • £3
  • voo:chat
  • £5
  • voo:time
  • £5
  • voo:comms
  • £5

*The pricing for Voo:Web and Voo:Shop is not sold on a 'per user' basis and is instead sold on a value based pricing structure. Please ask us for more details. If your business requires Vooware on a larger scale, we offer Vooware Enterprise, the same software packaged to be affordable for bigger requirements.

If you need more than just the one module, our product package illustrations below might be helpful for you. Designed for three different sizes and stages of business, these fully customisable packages provide the same modules as you can find above in one, easy bundle, delivering you a complete offering for your business software.


Perfect for the smaller business, the Starter package gives you everything you need to get your business running.

With Voo:Bills and Voo:Money to help you manage finances and invoicing, Voo:People to help you manage your business contacts.

Modules include:

Voo:Bills, Voo:Money and Voo:People




Everything you get with the Starter package, plus a little more. Designed for a faster growing business, the Pro package also delivers Voo:Tracker, Voo: Contracts, Voo:Comms, Voo:Docs and Voo:Staff.

These modules are included to encourage project management, full contract management, enhance sales and marketing communication, deliver secure storage for large and sensitive files and provide complete HR staff management.

Modules include:

Voo:Bills, Voo:Contracts, Voo:Money, Voo:People, Voo:Comms, Voo:Docs, Voo:Staff and Voo:Tracker




The Corporate package provides everything you could need for your busy and expanding business. Aimed at the medium and larger sized business, or those who have big goals and need software to make achieving them easier. The corporate package includes everything that Pro does, as well as; Voo:Tracker, Voo:Time, Voo:Project and Voo:Chat.

These modules are added to help you increase and manage project and employee efficiency as well as hours clocked. The addition of Voo:Chat provides a secure space for your team to communicate and send files fast.

Modules Include:

Voo:Bills, Voo:Contracts, Voo:Money, Voo:People, Voo:Comms, Voo:Docs, Voo:Staff, Voo:Tracker, Voo:Time, Voo:Chat and Voo:Project.