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Vooware, Designed to Keep Your Business Safe

Nothing is as important as your business security...

Vooware takes safety seriously, we ensure all our products operate to the highest level of security. In fact we take security so seriously, we solely rely on our own tools to operate, knowing our security procedures are second to none.

Both your data and your access information (i.e. hashed passwords and encrypted data) are kept completely secure during and after the duration of your subscription, with closed accounts seeing data removed after a certain period of time to maintain user safety.

What's more, each module offers stringent permission settings and granular access, meaning you can ensure your subscription offers internal security too. This is ideal for the office dealing with sensitive information and multiple employees, after all internal security is just as important to your operations as external protection.


How do we provide this level of security?

We achieve this by employing end-to-end encryption using industry-strength TLS certificates, we also host all data in a secure private cloud. Not only this, but we primarily rely on our own equipment installations in various UK based data centres, all with the most stringent access requirements.

What's more, we use separate databases for each client to ensure your precious data is always kept independent and secure. Our security measures are so stringent, that we rely on them for the running of our own business, a level of assurance rarely seen.

Your data is safe. Your business is safe. You are with Vooware.