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Voo:shop gets your e-commerce site up and selling! Simple, powerful and effective, your shop is about to go global!

You can use in conjunction with a Content Management system (voo:web) to deliver world-beating e-commerce functionality. voo:web has inherent functionality to create product catalogue pages, customer login and management pages.


  • Customer creation and management
  • Order management
  • Product catalogues
  • Searches
  • Featured Products
  • Related Products
  • Upsell Products
  • Discounts
  • Offer Code management and tracking
  • Paypal integration
  • Billing and Shipping address management
  • Multi-part products
  • Product Options (any colour you want, any size you need)
  • Product Cart insights (Quotes/Attempts/Abandons)
  • One-click reordering
  • User-configurable workflow
  • Fulfillment picklists
  • Reports

Customer focused

More for you

Wonderfully different

voo:shop has no customer facing front-end user interface functionality, instead it exposes an API that provides shop functionality e.g. customer / order management, that can be utilised in a front end Content Management System (CMS), such as voo:web.

Simple admin

voo:shop boats a complete administration back-end, which is a set of tools that allow an operative to manage inventory and fulfill orders that emanate from the shop. This functionality can also lend itself to the creation and fulfillment of orders via telephone, as it is possible to use voo:shop over the phone.


When you create products in voo:shop, it maintains a record of the stock held and is drawn down each time that a sale is made.



You create products in voo:shop. This maintains a record of the stock held and is drawn down each time that a sale is made.


You can apply a discount to the product if required. This is captured as a value, and you can determine how it may be applied to the product by using the Offer codes. For example, a discount of 10 may be applied to the product when an offer code is used. The 10 may be a straight fiscal value, a percentage, or it may be stepped and used against volumes. See the Offer codes section for more details.

Retail price

You can enter the retail price that you wish to achieve for this product.

Cost price

You can enter the unit cost for this product - this figure is exclusive of any taxes


If there is an SKU for the product, you can enter it here. Either an existing manufacturers SKU or your own record can be recorded here.

Stock / quantity

You can record the initial stock level of the product using this field. The value will be dynamically decreased with every sale, and allows you to maintain an at-a-glance stock level check

Active / inactive

You can set the product to Active - i.e. on sale, or Inactive - i.e. not on sale using this field. If set to inactive, the product will not appear in any searches or listings.

Options e.g. colours, sizes

You can create the various options available using this set of fields. In effect, you will create a copy of the original, and vary the record accordingly. For example, if you sell a Jumper in Small, Medium and Large, you would create the original in say, Large, and then create to options, one Medium and one Small.

Images and Media

You can upload images of the products you have for sale to the Files section and then select them using this field control. You can add as many images per Product as may be required.

Parts e.g. a product with multiple individual parts

Where a product has multiple parts, it is possible to capture this using the Parts tab. For example, if you sell a garden furniture set, and the set consists of a parasol, table and four chairs, the separate items can be listed using this tab. This may be useful when the order comes to be shipped as the total shipping cost can be calculated and also provides a packing list for any fulfilment function your company may have.

Related products

You can create links to products that are related using this field. The products linked in this way can optionally appear on the product listing, depending on how the site is configured.

Upsell products

In a similar manner, you can create links to products that are loosely related using this field. The products linked in this way can optionally appear on the product listing as other people who bought this item later went on to buy these - for example, if a torch is purchased, the upsell could be a set of matching batteries, or a case.

Featured products

Using this field, you can allow a product to be displayed early in a customers visit to a site. It can be turned on or off depending on the impact on sales and stock levels.

Physical locations

You can map a Products physical location using a number of aspects of these fields. They are multi value, so more than one option can be used (for example, you may keep an item in two warehouses). You can register a latitude/longitude against the product, an aisle in a warehouse, or a bin containing the product. These assist the fulfillment operative in locating and packing the item quickly and efficiently.

Product categories

You can create a hierarchical product tree using the tools provided - these model how your products will appear on your site. For example, You may have a high level Category called Batteries, and create subcategories for each of the types you stock and have for sale.

Davina (Online shop owner)

In her spare time, Davina owns an online shop built using voo:shop and voo:web.